Best Hellenic S.A. supports the need for a “green” vehicle fleet for a more sustainable environment!

The need for a more sustainable environmental future is imminent, and the goal of reducing our environmental footprint can only be achieved by our everyday choices - from the food we consume to the car we drive. The electric drive is the only option with zero emmisions, and electric cars are here to combine ecological transportation, advanced technology, and driving pleasure. Discover our electric vehicles and drive a stylish, pioneering, and quiet car.

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What is an electric car?

An all-electric vehicle is powered exclusively by electricity and does not have an internal combustion engine like a conventional car. Electric power is stored in a battery, and its capacity controls the autonomy of the car (i.e. the distance that is covered with one single battery charge).

Autonomy and charging

Battery capacity controls car’s autonomy. The battery can be recharged at any charging station or electric socket.

One of the main operations of electric cars is to warn proactively when the electric battery is empty. Therefore, you can have complete control over the car's autonomy and enjoy driving short or long distances without stress.

As electricity is the future of automobility, the charging network is expanding rapidly. New charging stations are constantly placed in Crete at different kinds of facilities such as: residences, parking lots, supermarkets, refueling stations and along highways in order to support more relaxing and long journeys in the near future. You can check the charging stations in Crete here: https://www.plugshare.com/, or download the PlugShare app to your IOS or Android phone.

Why do I choose an electric car?

The advantages of using electric vehicles include – but they are not limited to – environmental benefits, driving behavior, operating cost, and technological equipment:

  • Environmentally friendly

The lack of an internal combustion engine and an exhaust system, makes all-electric vehicles more environmentally friendly, as they have no emissions, and therefore, they help reducing greenhouse gases.

  • More Quiet

All-electric cars contribute significantly to noise pollution reduction, as their operation is almost silent.

  • Less operating cost

Electric cars typically cost one-third of the cost of gas-powered vehicles in terms of supply. Many electric vehicles also use regenerative braking system to add energy to the car, completely free of charge.

  • Driving pleasure

Electric cars offer an extraordinary driving experience. The acceleration is instant, as maximum torque is generated in the stationary position. At the same time, the almost silent electric motor offers a relaxed and less stressful ride.

  • Design and style

The more electromobility becomes part of our lives, the more top automobility companies design new electric car models with modern design and style like conventional cars.

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