All authorized drivers are covered against and/or with:

  • Damages from Fire to the rented vehicle
  • Liability Insurance to Third Party death, injury, and property
  • Collision Damage Waiver
    • You are covered against damages caused from Third Parties. Also, all vehicles are subject to liability and fully comprehensive automobile and property damage insurance (for third parties, up to 1.000.000,00 € for persons and up to 1.000.000,00 € for damaged properties).
  • Full Damage Waiver
    • With FDW you are fully relieved from the responsibility for any damage on the body of the car, except car groups EV & EV SUV, which have an excess of 375,00 €. FDW Insurance also covers damages caused in an event of fire, of glass and/or window break, repairable tyres, and repairable engine damages.
  • Personal Accident Insurance
    • In case of an accident, all passengers are covered for bodily injuries or death.
  • Theft Protection Cover
    • In case the car is stolen, you are relieved from the responsibility.

Coverages are subject to General Terms of Best Hellenic’s insurance contract with its Insurer.

In the unfortunate event of an accident you should contact us immediately and sign an accident report from our Insurance Company. Without this report the renter is responsible in full for the repairs. With this report the renter is fully covered for damages caused on his vehicle (see exceptions). No unauthorized repairs should be made. For every accident there is a 100,00 € fee for File Processing.

The insurance is valid and cover you only for the period booked and indicated on the Rental Agreement. Please call us in order to amend your Rental Agreement. An extra fee may apply, in accordance with section RENTAL DURATION.

Exceptions to Insurance Coverage:

  • For negligent or drunk driving, driving under influence of drugs or on unauthorized roads, non-asphalt roads, driving to prohibited areas/countries, obvious acts of disregards to the vehicle. In these cases, the renter will be responsible for the full amount of the repairs.
  • For accidents caused by a Driver not declared in the Rental Agreement.
  • For damages caused in the interior, in the cabin, and the roof of the car, and/or damages caused by negligence and disuse of the car.
  • Theft Protection Insurance will not cover personal items.
  • Theft Protection Insurance is not valid in case of renter’s negligence or culpability (e.g. car keys left on car’s ignition).
  • Wheels and underside are not covered in case of off road and negligent driving.
  • In case you ferry the car off the island of Crete.
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